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The Photographer Loses His Bet

This photographer didn’t believe we could get the guests up and dancing during the wedding breakfast.  He happily lost his £1!!  Click on the video above to see what happened.

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The Real Life Wedding Of Laura & William


In May 2016, Laura surprised her new Husband Phil with The Best Singing Waiters.

We sent along Chris and Curtis who performed during the wedding breakfast and did another set in the evening to make sure the atmosphere was on a high throughout the day.

Even though Phil, knew nothing about it, he said it “made the day”.  See what they both thought in the video below.


The songs they chose for their Best Singing Waiters set were:-

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Don’t Stop Me Now
Mack The Knife
Brown Eyed Girl

500 Miles

You To Me Are Everything

My Way/New York Medley

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

For the evening time they had a mix of our Rat Pack Show and Mini Wedding Band.


Here are some of the pics from the day from their photographer,  Ania Photo.  

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To see the full blog post about Laura and Williams’ big day then please visit Ania Photo’s blog by clicking here.

Congratulations once more, Laura and William.  Thanks for allowing us to be part of your special day.

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Atmosphere Should Be Top Of Your Wedding List

I speak with hundreds of brides every month and time after time they tell me that the most important thing about there day is that all the guests have fun and that the atmosphere is fun, lively and energetic.


Now if you picked any wedding magazine off the shelves of WH Smith’s (other newsagents are available) you wouldn’t know that.


They make you believe it’s all about the beauty, the flowers, centre pieces even the chair covers all rank higher in the food chain than the atmosphere for those guys. But then it’s not like the media as a whole to manipulate and report what they want you to believe is it?!?


So what are you doing to make sure that you have a fun day? What will keep your guests happy throughout the day? What “beauty” items are you wasting money on because you believed what the wedding magazines deemed as essential?


Create smiles that makes wedding memories last for miles. Ok, that line isn’t going to be a lyric in any of my songs in the near future but it rings true. Make sure that when you are budgeting your big day, you budget in the things that will create the most amazing atmosphere, things like The Best Singing Waiters.


To your most amazing wedding day :)

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